Disciplines for Open Heaven

Matthew 6:2 "So when you give…”

Matthew 6:5 "And when you pray…”

Matthew 6:16 "When you fast…”

These three disciplines will usher in the favour of God!

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Owen John Pomana is an Itinerant Evangelist, who was sent out from our church recently to minister in Switzerland and Asia. Owen has come out of homelessness in Australia, 12 years of drug addiction and multiple prison incarcerations to having a radical transformation. Over the last seven years Owen has managed to beat all odds, not only drug addiction but, with an extensive criminal record behind him, he has also travelled to 50 nations on a mission to give hope to others, through sharing his story. Owen’s journey has lead him to visit both prisons and war zones from Iraq to Pakistan, not to mention many drug rehabilitation centres worldwide. Owen walks the talk, connecting broken lives with individuals and organisations globally. He has helped facilitate the raising of funds across many organisation including those in Child Prostitution and Human Trafficking, supporting orphanages and building projects around the World. Settling back in NZ (for now) Owen’s heart is to see restoration in our own communities all around New Zealand. More recently Owen has been working directly with the homeless on the streets of Auckland to getting involved with youth and suicide prevention awareness. Owen is passionate about rallying the people within our communities to get involved and is overwhelmed at how many people want to help.

Please Pray:For the next few months, Owen will be ministering in Switzerland and Asia.  We are calling for Prayer support for our fellow brother whilst he is ministering to these precious countries.

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